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Thus this was a stupid idea: I installed Firefox Light on my new computer as I had massive problems with Firefox in the past. Found out I cannot sync with my FF account and wanted to uninstall it again. I'm getting an error message that I need to contact the developer to get the latest build to uninstall. This is build 47. Anything I can do apart from resetting my computer and starting all at the beginning again? ](*,)


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You should be able to just delete the program directory in which Firefox Light was installed and replace it with Firefox.

Close all applications and reboot the computer.
Delete any downloaded or partially downloaded installer files.
Clear the browser cache (of whatever browser you are using to download FF) and the Windows Temp directory.
Shutdown any anti-virus software you are running.
Download a new copy of the full installer from
Delete the directory C:\Program Files\Firefox Lite (or whatever it is actually called)
Run the installer.
Restart the anti-virus program.

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