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Hello everybody

The company I work for (Identitas AG, has a very large Silverlight Browser Application which is used by about 60‘000 users.
By 01.01.2017 all major browsers (except Internet Explorer) will not support the Silverlight plugin anymore.
That’s why we are migrating our application away from Silverlight, but we will not be able to finish this task in time.

So, to gain time to finish the application’s migration, we want to provide our non-IE customers with a customized version of a portable Firefox browser (Windows and Mac OSX).
Why a customized version? Two reasons:
1. The browser should not update itself, because by doing so, it would lose its ability to support the Silverlight plugin
2. We do not want to endanger our customers by forcing them to use an outdated browser that will over the time be susceptible for security issues. Therefore, the browser should only browse to a white list of host / domain names that our application needs and for which we know that they do not pose a security risk for the customer (because we run these systems ourselves).

So, we are looking for someone who would create such a customized, portable version of Firefox for Windows and Mac OSX.
Of course, we are willing to pay for it.

I’d be very glad if you’d contact me, so we could discuss this subject in more details

Best regards
Tom Arn
IT Project Manager

Identitas AG
Stauffacherstrasse 130A
CH - 3014 Bern
Tel.: +41 31 996 81 84
Skype: id.thomas.arn
thomas.arn_ at _
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