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Discussion of third-party/unofficial Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey builds.
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I would like to build a custom distribution of firefox.
However, configuring both
ac_add_options --with-app-name=ABC
ac_add_options --with-basename=XYZ
ac_add_options --with-branding=browser/branding/unofficial
and then modify the files \locales\en-US

none of these change the AppData folders "Mozilla" or "Firefox"

likewise the registry key HKLM\Software\Mozilla still contains Mozilla

From looking at the install scripts, this appears to be hard-coded.

If a user currently has firefox installed and I then distribution a
custom version of firefox, changing the install location
as per the /INI= configuration switch InstallDirectoryName=

The profile folder create by default will collide, is there any way to do this?
also with the registry? I would like to keep the entire application separate if possible.

My major worry is that an uninstall of my "custom" version could impact a real version of firefox.

Thank You


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MOZ_APP_VENDOR controls Mozilla
MOZ_APP_BASENAME controls Firefox (Maybe, I forget it)

But there may be no config option, so you should modify browser/

Modify or add something in it:


You can try it.

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