Compile a simple loadFrameScript frome browser.xul

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As I'm compiling Firefox from mozilla-central repo, and attempting to load a content script into every page using loadFrameScript, but I'm running into a brick wall, not sure what I'm doing wrong.

//top of browser.xul:
//working and i see foo output to the browser console
let globalMM = window.messageManager;
globalMM.loadFrameScript('data:,console.log("foo\n");', true, false);

//not working - no output
let globalMM = window.messageManager;
globalMM.loadFrameScript('chrome://browser/content/my_scripts/test.js', true);


dump and console.log are the only functions i have access to using the browser console i can verify they are working, i read I'm suppose to have access to content dom? but variations of content.SOMETHING aren't working, and i get an error message saying: TypeError: content.document.dump is not a function.


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