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Discussion of third-party/unofficial Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey builds.
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One thing I can't agree here is you come to a Mozilla forum that is Firefox-biased and start a topic like that, regardless of your action.
It's more relevant to say it over there, instead of rubbing the browser of choice on their faces, like they have to care.
(Sounds like a "Neener-neener"-type of childish act)
Trippy did make a good argument, no doubt.

Your topic and first post are an insult not just here, but to Palemoon users as well.

Please, let's refrain from fueling a flame war.

As for the "There is one developer." There can be one, he could have a team, but how does that matter if he can do things on his own? Or at least try. I give him credit for trying, not shun him for not being able to do it or the thought that he might not even make it. (Here's where I favor Moonchild.)

Congratulations on your browser of choice, please go post it over there and give a Thanks to Moonchild. :)

As for the Flock browser. ... l-browser/

Google pays Mozilla, the money can corrupt minds, you know?

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Most folks without kids look upon Sunday as the day to recover from Saturday. Locking.
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megamanx wrote:Google pays Mozilla,

To be the default search engine in Firefox.

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