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Hi all and sry if my english is bad.

There is a custom build of firefox. And me need to create an update for it.
I create update like wrote about it in different manuals, tutorials and forums, which i can find in internet. I compile a build. Then I copy obj-ff/dist/bin to bin2 and delete useless files and create file 'precomplete'. I run:

tools\update-packaging\ update.mar obj-ff/dist/bin2

And update.mar is create. But when I try update program by updater.exe (i am do not use update server) the updating do not take place. And updater return errors:

ERROR: There must be at least one signature.
ERROR: Not all signatures were verified.

In the manuals and forums, which I find, different peoples do it and is was successful. But I can not do this.
Update I am doing by this way:
- create folder test-update in folder with program.
- copy there updater.exe and update.mar
- run updater.exe from program's folder with arguments are folder with update.mar and program's folder which i want to update.

But this is not problem. Me need that update will be protected with certificate.

I download and build NSS.
certutil -N -d /c/nssconfdir
certutil -A -n test_cert -t "u,u,u" -i testcert.der -d /c/nssconfdir
and check
certutil -L -d /c/nssconfdir
There is the certificate in the output list.

Then i need to sign my update. For this, i use signmar.exe. And do all i can that i read in manuals and forums which i was fond in internet.
But there begining main problem:
tools/update-packaging/signmar -C /c/updates -d /c/nssconfig -n test_cert -s update.mar output_update.mar
i get errors:
ERROR: Could not initialize NSS
ERROR: Could not init config dir: c:\nssconfdir

What i need to do to program fond nss config dir. I am trying different versions of NSS. But i can't fix this problem.
Please, help me any body.

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