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I have this problem with Firefox Light that it refuses to load GMail , it will always show a blank page, I even tred to log-in to mozillaZine using Firefox Light it always says that my user name is wrong, I am writing this from Opera browser.
I was trying out Firefox Light coz my Firefox 27.0 till 27.0.1 has gone haywire even after a full wipe/uninstall of everylast bit of traces and reinstalling it again.It always hangs in the middle of an operation like syncing or downloading or loading a new page and it hangs the PC during this time also. I have to wait till Firefox finishes its business before I get back the use of my PC and then it will intermittently go "not responsive" and then it seems Ok and then "unresponsive" ove and over again until I have to reboot the PC and get out of firefox.
So there are 2 issues here:
1) Firefox Light refuses to load GMail (only Gmail) YouTube/YahooMail/Google+,Picasa,Google Playcalendar are all Ok and insync.
2) The full Firefox 27.0.1 has gone haywire.

Anybody can shed a light on this issue??


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There is some Light discission here > viewtopic.php?f=42&t=2764265
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Moving to 3rd Party builds
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Light is a mozilla nightly custom build edition, please make sure mozilla nightly edition has no the issues.

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