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Hello guys:

I am Lawliet, the liwlietfox project creator

I built the high performance build of Mozilla Firefox.
Use same like pcxfirefox(betterpgo) method to optimize my Firefox.

Some javascript render test, my private build Firefox better then tete009 and ayakawa.

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HighPerformance yes and not ;) You are first with 10-2 the worthier competitor for pcx and tete.
Ayakawa is after 3.6 fallen. His newer Fxs are to slow to competition. Not mentionable (sadly).

About your 10-2 build:
First of all, its simply amazing-blazing fast. Second, its simply amazing-blazing fast. Third, is stable.

Since Fx3.x I have tested umpteen of 3rd part builds with great descriptions ;) Also from new stars like palemoon, htguard and and etc. But now only YOU are one of the big players. You play in the major league. Bully for you.

Your builds have for me at the moment the most capability. If pcx go temporary sleeping ;) , you are the only one competitor for GodFather tete. I think 80% through your new BetterPGO methods.
You are faster than I can say "Wow!".

Please update the project-home news to 10-2 released ;)

Therefore 2 pieces of advice:
- Please be always careful with plugin-container. Tweaky compiling of this is mostly "pancake"...
- The Internet is not only a few stupid Js-benchmarks.

My useragent is override.

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The topic's been a tad dead... But can anyone tell me if I can disable extension signature enforcement in Lawlietfox 48?

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