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Discussion of third-party/unofficial Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey builds.
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I use to find your waterfox useful but now it is as useful and a pile of bricks used as flotation devices.

First off after update i have getting in my task manger it is running 8 extra processes when I put it down to 1 and still running 8.

second I use to disable it because when I watch videos it would either stagger the speech and stop the video but the speech would keep going when the video is stuck not loading anymore but can hear the guy/girl speaking but video is now moving.

Third not everyone uses a mouse that has a mouse wheel/side slider sux bring back the arrows.

forth I am really annoyed with your system keep saying I am banned from here when I need to get support.

Now I need to tell you this my PC is out dated and CAN'T run waterfox with the multi rendering and i need to disable it every time.
How oh how can i disable it now?


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Moving to Third Party/Unofficial Builds as Waterfox is not a MoIlla product.

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ok ty


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You might see if something like this still works, Multi-Process (e10s) can still be disabled in Firefox 68 or later versions.
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