SeaMonkey launch hoses previous session despite prefs

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Platform: OS X El Cap 10.11.6, iMac 27" mid-2010. SeaMonkey 2.49.3

SeaMonkey is set as the default browser. Prefs are set to restore previous session on launch, and "Only restore tabs when I need them".

Under certain circumstances, SeaMonkey auto-launches -- meaning it receives a signal to launch from another application, not from me, the user, clicking its Dock icon, or doubleclicking the SeaMonkey Finder icon, etc. One such example occurs if I check for Flash Player (I know, I know) updates in System Prefs with SeaMonkey closed, and if notified that an update is available, I click "Download". That launches SeaMonkey and points it to the relevant Adobe website.

In those cases, SeaMonkey does not restore the previous session in addition to loading the newly-requested webpage. All other tabs and windows are gone.

This has now happened several times, and is infuriating. I had forgotten about sessionstore files but in researching this issue I was reminded of them. Both sessionstore.json (of course) and sessionstore.bak (less of course) contain new rather than old data.

Perhaps if this were to happen again I might be quick enough to save my sessionstore.bak file. Maybe. I don't know how soon sessionstore.bak would update.

I've also downloaded and installed Session Manager, which I used to use with the old Firefox before FF borked a wide swath of existing extensions. I don't know which back end SeaMonkey is using so I don't know yet if it will work.

In any case, this is a destructive behavior and clearly not intended by a user who has set prefs for different behavior. Is this "expected behavior"??

ETA: If SeaMonkey is open at the time I perform an action that would result in the above scenario, expected behavior ensues. System switches to SeaMonkey, already open, and a new tab is opened in the frontmost window.


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Post Posted July 9th, 2018, 4:06 am

Check Profile Manager & see if it shows more then one Profile?
As in you may be opening a Profile different from what you're expecting?

(Don't know Mac, so...) check your desktop shortcuts, &/or OS settings, & see what switches they may be setting in opening SeaMonkey.

Check your Profile folder & see if it contains multiple numbered sessionrestore files or -corrupt ones or other oddities?

(Make backups of your Profile, or at least session files ;-).)
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Post Posted July 27th, 2018, 12:19 am

Nope, I only have one profile, and no multiple session files.

Actually, now I *do* have multiple session files, since I started using Session Manager. Still works on SeaMonkey. So my immediate problem is solved, or rather worked-around, but it's still a bug IMHO.

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