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Post Posted January 10th, 2018, 5:20 pm

I still didn't get an answer to my question related to that Pav78 and Crassius threads that said they got it to work. My question was that did you get it to work on a PC or a Mac? I'm running High Sierra on an iMac and your workaround talks about technical stuff I'm not at all familiar with and confident in doing in the Mac world:

I went to ... /versions/ and selected version 55.0
and installed it in SeaMonkey. It didn't work of course because of the date problem.
Next, I copied the .xpi file from the SM Profile, Extensions sub-folder.
I pasted the .xpi file into a temp, working folder. Then, I went into SM Tools, add ons manager and removed the extension, and closed SM.

In the working folder, I changed the .xpi file extension to .zip and extracted all to a sub-folder. In the sub-folder,
I changed the bootstrap.js extension to .txt and edited the file as described in: ... s/1025242/

Then, I saved the (edited) bootstrap.txt extension back to .js
Then, I selected all the files, as a group and Zipped them using send-to.
Then, I changed the resulting file extension to .xpi
I clicked on the .xpi file and selected SM to open it.
The (Modified) extension installed and IS WORKING!

If this is not for a Mac, then I guess I'm out of luck. If what you did to get it to work is for a Mac, I would be so grateful and would pay someone to walk me through how to step by step get this add on to work again. I just can't read my folders or email subject headers without this add on. It is impossible!




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Post Posted January 11th, 2018, 9:17 am

Download the version from here, ... index.html.
Install it & see that it runs & works.
(Remove what you've attempted first.)
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Post Posted January 13th, 2018, 2:03 pm

The Rube,

You made my day!!!! Thanks so much!!!! it worked. I just was unfamiliar with an .xpi file on a Mac, but when I Googled it, I came across something to say how to install this type of file and I now have the Add On back. The one thing I'll play around with, but am not sure how to do yet, is that the Add-On Icon appears in the SeaMonkey browser window, but the icon used to be in the Mail window, but it isn't now. I'll keep looking, but if you know how to enable that icon to show up in the mail window, that would be greatly appreciated.

Again, you really saved the day, because at my age, with the size font without the add on, it was impossible to read my folder heading and inbox headings for my emails!!!!

Take care,


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