saveas dialog box must be priority highest than alertbox!

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Post Posted August 26th, 2015, 12:06 am


i saw this since a very long time (almost 10years i think), maybe it is normal, maybe a bug so i tell it now.
when you have many opened tabs (t1,t2,t3 by example), you work in t1 and click on a link to download a file.
then the saveas dialog bow is opening and you' starting to enter your save name file.

if suddenly a javascript alert box message is coming (from t1 tab or other tabs), then the saveasdialog focus is lost !

i will suggest the saveas dialogbox should have a higer foreground priority than the crappy javascript alertbox whatever the tab. Then, the saveasdialog box should be more MODAL window than the alertbox !

often, i don't watch my screen when i enter the filename in the saveas dialog box and when i press ENTER key to validat my filename to download, i just validate the crappy javascript alertbox which have be opened by another tab during my saveAs dialog box opereation ! it is very dangerous !

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