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I use SeaMonkey Composer to make my kids web-pages for Grandma & Grandad, because it's simple and easy. The only thing I'd like to see added is Auto-thumbnail.

Frontpage has Auto-thumbnail, IMO it's FP's "redeeming feature". This is something I'd really really like to see in SeaMonkey, to automate this process. In FP I could Ctrl-A (All) and hit the Thumbnail button ONCE .... "et Voila" instant thumbnails of ALL photos, in one hit, with auto-hyperlinks to the original photos ... I am surprised none (apart from perhaps accella??) of the WYSIWYG Editing Programs have put this rather elegant feature in their programs).

I know there are a few "other" ways of doing this (a forum search shows this), and I have tried Irfanview Thumbnails but you can't choose an odd size, just preset sizes; I also tried easy thumbnails but at the end of the day you still need to manually create the link etc.

I'd love to see it in SeaMonkey. Thanks!!



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