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Post Posted August 23rd, 2020, 1:24 am

My workplace uses GitLab Enterprise Edition self-hosted and when SeaMonkey session restore reloads a tab containing a page from our GitLab, the signed-in session is forgotten and the GitLab sign-in page is displayed. This works OK if there is only one tab restored in this way, but it malfunctions when there are multiple tabs with different GitLab Project URLs in the session to be restored. Each restored tab shows the GitLab sign-in page: the first sign-in completed returns to the last stored GitLab URL page and all subsequent completions of the sign-in lead to a 422 error page. Unless I'm careful to work around the problem, when I quit and restart SeaMonkey I lose the place I was up to in most of my work projects.

I've noticed that when Chrome restores sessions, it remembers the sign-in when it restores the same GitLab pages. It would be a very-nice-to-have feature if SeaMonkey could restore the GitLab pages signed-in, as Chrome does.

I'm not sure if this feature enhancement would also allow authenticated session restore for other sites?

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