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I am a big user of the saving feature in Seamonkey (CTRL + S or file/save).

I am grateful to Seamonkey that the location where Seamonkey proposes me to save files/ pages does change for each website, depending on the location I saved my last download from this website.

For instance if the last time I saved a file or a page from it was in C:\Me\Financial, the next time Seamonkey will propose me to save a page at C:\Me\Financial.

In the preference menu, I could therefore read: C:\Me\Financial.
(The pref menu can be accessed by: Tools/ Cookies/ Manage cookies/ then select: "only preferences" on the top left rolling menu).

I would like to go a little further. Let us suppose for instance that the last time I downloaded a file from that website,it was in D:. Articles from news website can pertain to lots of subjects and could have therefore to be saved in different locations, at least some times.

I would like the further downloads to be still proposed to C:\Me\Financial.

Is there a way to :
1. replace the value by, for instance,, for a specified website;
2. save files without the value to be ever changed.

I guess that a simple way to do this would be to save the webpage in C:\Me\Financial and then open the Windows Explorer and copy paste the file I downloaded from C:\Me\Financial to D:. That way, I would download the file without changing the location settings for the following files that I would download from the same website.

I would like to know if it is possible to perform this from Seamonkey and without opening the Windows Explorer.

Thanks to all who can help me.


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try Edit ==> Preferences ==> Browsers ==> Downloads ==> When saving file ==> Save file to "Set folder"
After that SeaMonkey would not prompt you again and again

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