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Post Posted November 14th, 2003, 4:50 pm

I have installed Thunderbird as my mail client. The one serious problem I am having is creating mailing lists.

I have a local network ldap at the university where I pull a lot of addresses into TB. I also have specific names in my personal address book. When I create a mailing list, some of the complete addresses (e.g. revert to a shortened version (e.g. stinkybutt) with no address in the card.

This appears to happen only to the addressees in the local ldap. I have some collected emails in a list (not from this campus server) which have remained stable.

The current personal address book now has duplicate addresses in it, some valid and others with only the shortened address in the card.

I have tried turning autocompletion off totally. It didn't help. I don't even know enough about the problem to describe it sensibly. :cry:

Any help would be appreciated. I have one distribution list with 50 addresses. I am temporarily using a blank draft and sending messages out that way. Most unsatisfactory. I think I will go home an drink wine.

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