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I'm running Win 10 and about 10 days ago I got an update for my Thunderbird Mail program. Afterwards I could see some items are now in color but the uploading of a single email now takes 3x or 4x as long as before. This morning I got an error message when I tried to receive my incoming email. I rebooted my PC but still got the error message. Later in the day I could receive my new emails.
Anyone else having the slow uploading issue? Any solutions on how to speed program up?


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Moving to the Thunderbird Support forum...
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What was the full text of the error message(s)?
How is the account set up, as POP or IMAP? In Thunderbird the menu path is Tools->Account Settings->Server Settings->Server Type at the top right of the dialogue.
What version of Thunderbird are you now running? Check under Help->Troubleshooting Information
What security software are you running on that computer?

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Thanks for all replies. Well i just checked and there was one more update -- so I installed it and now my sending emails seems to upload instantly. Maybe the problem is fixed.

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