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Post Posted October 20th, 2021, 10:30 am

I'm set for 'auto-updates' with my TB, recently it updated to 78.14.0 on my desktop mac running MacOS ElCapitan v.10.11.6. Now it has stopped retrieving the emails from my ISP's mail server. I uninstalled the v78.14.0 and reverted back to v.68.xx and a message said something to the effect that my profile.ini file had been changed and was not compatible. so I reinstalled the updated v.78.14.0 and when I go to find the profile.ini, I can find the folder, but the file itself isn't accessible.. HELP

Thanks in advance for any help regarding this,



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Post Posted October 21st, 2021, 8:45 am

I suggest you do two things.

1. Add --allow-downgrade to the command line in your Thunderbird shortcut. Don't forget to have a intervening space. I'm not using the default location, so mine is "C:\Program Files\Thunderbird 91\thunderbird.exe" --allow-downgrade

2. Go to help -> troubleshooting . Click on the about:profiles link. Find your profile and click on the associated set as default profile button.

If that doesn't help then your best bet might be to delete the profiles.ini file, start Thunderbird, and when it automatically runs the new account wizard exit the wizard. Then use help -> troubleshooting information -> open folder (profile, not update history) to let windows explorer open at the current profile. Write down where it is. Exit Thunderbird and copy the contents (not the directory, just the contents) of your old profile into that directory.

Start Thunderbird again and it should use your old profile because it can't tell that the contents of the profile directory are different and you're using a good profiles.ini file.

I doubt what version of Thunderbird you use has any effect on its ability to retrieve email from a ISP mail server unless it can't make a connection to it. I suggest you use a browser to log into webmail and then logout. That will clear any captchas, if they exist. Thunderbird doesn't know how to deal with a captcha, which could have been set if your ISP thought Thunderbird did something suspicious.

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