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starting with TB 91.2, the default cursor location for the reply compose window has changed. In previous versions, when I hit reply, the cursor would be in the message compose pane. Now with 91.2, the default input focus is with the list of recipients. I have gotten used to immediately typing a response. But now I first have to click into the message composition pane first. Since I'm not used to that, I start my responses in the "To:" field. I know it seems like a minor thing but I have gotten so used to immediately type my response after hitting "reply" that I now routinely start typing the response in the address field. Very, very annoying. Since it is not very common to change the list of recipients for a reply, I wonder why the default input focus is now with the "To:" field and not like before with the compose pane.

Can this default behavior be changed?



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I can't duplicate your problem using version 91.2.0 under Windows 10. It always defaults to the message compose pane regardless of how I select a reply (Ctrl+R, button on toolbar, menu command etc.).

Perhaps you're running into a side effect of an add-on that doesn't work correctly with version 91 due to API changes. Many of the add-ons that worked with 78 either don't work or have weird side effects. See if the problem goes way if you use help -> troubleshooting mode.

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Thanks for your response. I appreciate it. I followed your suggestion and voila, the input focus is back to where it belongs. I guess I have to disable the add-ons one by one to identify the culprit.


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The source of the issue seems to be an add-on called "Thunderbird Conversations": ... tions/wiki

I filed a bug report: ... ssues/1725

However, the author of the add-on believes this is a bug within TB:


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I had the exact same problem, very annoying
in my case it was the "FOLDER ACCOUNT" plugin
after deactivating the plugin thusderbird is working fine


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