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Hi guys,

I am a happy TB user for a while now, however I am facing 2 small issues which I would like to share with you and see if someone can help me to find a solution:

1. I am syncing Google calendar on TB and that works fine on multiple devices (with TB installed). The only issue that I have, is that when I create a task in google from TB, the options are quite limited

Here is a local task creation screen:

and this is when I want to create a new task on google tasks:

I am particularly missing the exact time frame (start and due date AND time) and the repeat feature:)

Perhaps there is no solution for that, but I wanted to make sure I am not missing anything :)

2. Since the last update TB keeps opening PDF files, attached to new (not yet sent) messages with Edge. TB preferences are set to open pdf with Adobe and that works for messages already sent/received, but not for drafts/unsent messages, which is rather strange

Thank to you all in advance!



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Moving this to Thunderbird Support...
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