Windows Dark Mode and Mozilla Thunderbird aren't compatible.

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I've stopped using thunderbird for the first time in 8 years. For context, I donate yearly to thunderbird development, 10 bucks. it ain't much but I appreciate the FOSS.

Mozilla Thunderbird had an update which includes a bug when using Windows in dark mode.
It has turned all my text black with a black background.
It happens when I receive any email with HTML5 coloring, because I can't read the HTML5 email unless I change the text colours.
So I change the text colours so I can read the HTML5 email, then have to change the colour of my text or else it goes invisible too..
The problem is...
It all looked fine and dandy on my end, but then on the other end they received these cryptic blank emails.

I only found out due to people responding confused saying that I hadn't responded at all.
So me changing my text to black background, white text (When receiving a HTML5 Coloured email and using windows Dark Mode) resulted in black text on a black background for my recipients.
Side note: when I use the gmail app on my phone, it automatically fixes the text color issue that thunderbird is causing, so for a week i've been thinking the people i'm replying to are tripping. Because both thunderbird and Gmail show a perfectly readable email.
Then when I open it up on Windows Mail, it's just black. And not only that, when I highlight the text, it is still invisible. I can see the highlight, but the letters are still invisible.

Perhaps Thunderbird should work on their inconsistent coloring when using windows Dark mode. And don't suggest I turn windows dark mode off. Dark mode is better than thunderbird. If I have to choose, I choose uninstall thunderbird.


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Moving to Thunderbird Support as no bug number has been identified here.

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What version of Thunderbird?

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It is possible you are seeing an issue that was not yet fixed in version 78, but has been fixed in a newer version - version 91 will be released in several weeks.

Or perhaps you are you seeing one of these unfixed bugs ?

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