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Running Win10 and did a system backup. Upon opening Thunderbird, I find that about 4 folders have disappeared from the "All Folders" pane on the left. When right clicking on my account, under subscribed, it shows checkmarks beside the missing folders. I read that all the .msf files in the profile directory need to be deleted to correct this?


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Moving to Thunderbird Support as no bug has yet been identified here.


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Sounds like you have a IMAP account. Click on "repair folder" in the folders properties rather than deleting the *.msf file if you think the folder listing is corrupt.

I suggest you check that the local directory for the account hasn't somehow changed behind your back. Its listed at the bottom of the accounts server settings. That is a more likely culprit if you had a POP account as Thunderbird wouldn't be able to find your mail folder anymore since its in the old local directory. If its a IMAP account and the missing folder is subscribed I'd expect Thunderbird to automatically create the missing *.msf file again but its still worth checking.

See if help -> restart with add-ons disabled helps. Perhaps there is a problem due to an add-on. You could also try deleting the panacea.dat file in the profile. It keeps track of all of the folders you have. If its deleted it will be recreated automatically upon startup. Problems with it usually create phantom folders, not missing folders though.

If the missing folders are child folders check that the parents *.msf file is not read-only. That can hide child folders. and might give you some other ideas.

I don't see how a system backup could have triggered your problem.

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