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I keep getting pops up notifications that a new Thunderbird update is available (I don't want to update) even after I selected in TB in update setting to "never". How to fix it?
it pop-up mostly when I use the empires and puzzles cheats
or any mobile gaming platform.
Can it help to use windows fw and block the update channel?
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C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Thunderbird\updates used to contain the updates. You could delete that directory and it would workaround problems like yours. When needed, Thunderbird would re-create that directory tree. However, I think the directory has changed around version 60. Click on open folder next to "update folder" in help -> troubleshooting information.

Your problem is caused by it having already downloaded an update and updated a file that it checks to see if there is one ready to install. So adding a rule to your firewall is like locking the barn door after the horse is stolen.

Be careful NOT to use help -> about Thunderbird as that checks for an update even when you have checking for updates disabled. Use help -> troubleshooting information if you want to check what version you are running.

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