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I'm using thunderbird since 1 year, and I've got a question about searching message.

I want to quickly found message sent from somebody, how to do that easily ?


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There are several ways to search within Thunderbird. Which is most appropriate at any particular time can depend on whether you know which folder is likely to contain the messages you seek. If you know, for instance, that the Inbox folder is the most likely location, you could use the Quick Filter bar by pressing Ctrl+Shift+K and then entering the email address (or a part thereof) of the sender.

If you don't know the likely location of the messages, pressing Ctrl+K will use the Global Search function which, as the name suggests, will search through all folders in the profile for the value entered into the search field.

Using menu path Edit->Find->Search Messages (or pressing Ctrl+Shift+F) will launch a more full featured search dialogue and allow for saving the search pattern as a "Saved Search".


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