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Post Posted November 18th, 2019, 12:12 pm

I am using Thunderbird V26 on Win7 32 bit.

I have several accounts, all of which are IMAP, one of which is a Microsoft Hotmail.

Recently, I have been getting 20 - 50 junk emails on that account, and while Microsoft sends them to my junk folder, M-soft does not delete them or mark them as read.

Of course, when I check my emails, I see I have lots of unread email and must open the account to note how many are really unread in my inbox. (usually 1 or 2).

Is there a method that will purge (delete the stuff in) the junk folder from time to time? Maybe a plugin or other setting.

Actually, I would be OK if those in the junk folder were simply marked as read. M-Soft will delete them after 15 days.

I have clicked the "delete after 1 day" in the retention policy, but I'd like more.

I tried to make rules on the site, but the junk filters on the server runs before the rules and the pesky junk does not get deleted.

Microsoft junk mail handling policy is horrible.

Thanks, Mark.
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Post Posted November 18th, 2019, 4:34 pm

You could enable the adaptive junk mail controls in the junk mail controls settings for the Thunderbird account, and configure it to move junk to the trash folder. You would probably need to configure it to trust junk mail headers set by Outlook. There are no predefined definition for Outlook so you'd need to define them. See if ... ge-headers matches any custom headers you see using Control-U or view -> message source.

See ... l_provider

Don't overlook the alternative solution of just unsubscribing the junk mail folder. That way you'll never see those messages. I assume has some default settings to delete anything in that junk folder after X days. If that is true then you don't need to periodically empty the junk folder, your only concern is whether makes a mistake and decides some good messages are junk mail. Some email providers let you configure how aggressive their anti-spam detection is via some webmail settings. I don't know if does that.

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