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Immediately following a change in connection to a different wifi, I am unable to either receive or send emails. Instead I get a pop-up message: "Connection to server was reset". However none of my server settings had actually changed. All that had changed was that I have travelled from my home, where the wifi connection was from the Bell (sympatico) modem, to another country, where the wifi is that of my hosts here. I have been able to reconfirm the correct server settings with Bell. I did try using the alternates they have (i.e. 25 instead of 587); but to no avail. So where could the error lie? And how do I fix it?

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If you have non-secure settings for the servers, they will only work when you're connected to the Bell network. The secure settings are given here: ... ail?step=5 on port 995, SSL/TLS; on port 587, STARTTLS. If that's what you have but it doesn't work, the local host may block connections to foreign domains, so you will have to access the account via webmail, or have it collected by a non-blocked service such as gmail.

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