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I know of apps which allow me to sort mail into relevant folders, after they have been sent. Do you know of an app that requires me to specify the folder at the same time as sending it? Pegasus used to do this and so I was never heavily behind with moving mail from the inbox.


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There is a checkbox for "after sending" in the window to create a message filter. That would let you move your copy of the message to another folder. You'd have to have multiple rules to specify separate folders for each recipient. Offhand I can't think of a way to have the same filter also move the message you replied to without you writing some javascript. You'd probably have to create a separate filter (with multiple rules) to do that and run it manually.

A more typical setup would check "place replies in the folder of the message being replied to" in copies&folders and create a message filter that was run automatically when checking for new mail to move all new mail to folders dedicated for each person. That's the reverse of what you asked for, but probably more convenient.

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