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I forward many emails a day to my husband/boss (!).

The forwarded email shows a different time and date format than the original. If the original email has the time 7:00 PM on it, the forwarded email's part showing that original part may shows either

00:00:00+0000 (which I think is GMT time which is off by 5 hours in NJ (24:00:00-5:00:00 - 19:00:00 which is 24 hour time for 7 PM
sometimes it just shows 24 hour clock time

I've tried tools>options>date and time formatting application or regional and forget which is which

How can I get the forwarded part to be regular 12 hour clock time like the original instead of GMT or 24 hour?


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I know how to change the time/date format used in the folder listing but not within a forwarded message. The problem is its displaying the contents of the Date: header of the forwarded message "as is". Its format will vary depending upon where it was sent from. You could manually edit the contents of the forwarded message to change the Date format (if you are forwarding it inline, rather than as an attachment) but I don't think this is a common enough problem for the developers to have done anything about it since the most common use case is all three of you are in the same time zone.

Thunderbird is widely used in enterprises but its design is still focused on personal use. The enterprise support tends to focus on admin's needs. Outlook is just the opposite.

There is a Forward add-on at ... rd/?src=ss but it just makes it easier to switch between inline and attachment.

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Post Posted November 12th, 2019, 6:39 pm

I found an interesting solution though not exactly. This may interest someone.

I only need to forward directly to my boss' 1 address. "Mail redirect add-on" will take the original email, change the name of the recipient without changing anything else, and then send it to that person looking exactly like the original email without extra headers.

There is an option to save a list of email addresses you will be redirecting to and a down-arrow on the forward button and a redirect button you can add to the toolbar.

tanstaafl - Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail 2011 or 2012 forwarding does not change my date to GMT time or a 24 hour format. I only know about GMT as a former ham radio operator or I never would have figured out the date problem. I really do love the add-ons to TB and thank all of you who create them

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