TB 68.2.2 Add-ons Manager Issue - Extension load time

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Post Posted November 11th, 2019, 7:42 pm

tanstaafl wrote:"Is it possible to rebuild the json file?"

I exited Thunderbird, moved the addons.json file to a directory outside of the profile, and restarted. It created a new version of the file with the current time/date. My add-ons are listed and appear to work. I exited Thunderbird and restarted it a couple of minutes later. The time/date of the file hasn't changed, unlike prefs.js which gets periodically updated even when you change nothing.

What bothers me though is I removed one add-on, restarted and the time/date didn't change. I don't have a add-ons.sqlite (its obsolete predecessor) but I just noticed a extensions.json with the expected time/date stamp. Thats a new file not listed in the KB article. Sigh. Let me test using it.

Made no difference......and I still get that momentary flash in the Addons Manager with the it still checking compatibility.

Good thought though.

What the heck is AddonStartup.jason.lz4

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Post Posted November 12th, 2019, 6:53 am

Just to close this out ----I did the following:

1. V68.2.2 Completely removed all addons, cleared the Thunderbird cache - so no addons, no themes other than default. Just to be sure, did a full system shutdown; then rebooted system and opened Thunderbird 68.2.2.

2. V60.9.1 Downloaded previous latest version of Thunderbird and installed with no addons, no themes other than the default settings. Cleared TB cache, did full system shutdown; then rebooted system and opened Thunderbird 60.9.1

Result: Thunderbird startup (initialization) time is almost double in v68.2.2 from what it was in v60.x.

Conclusion: This is a system code issue in the latest release affecting the amount of time it takes TB to fully startup. Maybe all the work with the new Options menu, colors, fonts, background processes changing, etc.

I'm sure this will appear different depending on the computer system processor, background processes, etc. but it appears that Thunderbird 68 is much slower at startup and any extensions will have to "wait" until TB is fully initialized. Doubt this has anything to do with Web API development or extensions - but with TB startup and not extension loading. As I mentioned before, I can visibly "see" extensions executing - Lightning loading and opening the Today Pane, Quick Folders establishing the folder toolbar, Account Colors changing account colors in the Folder Pane and so on. This was not apparent in version 60.

Lets see if the TB developers "tweak" the startup in future releases.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions and help. Depending on your computer processors, some may see this issue, some may not. I know I saw it on both my Desktop and Laptop with the latest release of Windows 10.


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Post Posted November 12th, 2019, 7:34 am

addonStartup.json.lz4 is a type of compressed file that stores the full path (not the relative path) to add-ons. extensions.json also has the full path. I have no idea why its in two files.

Thunderbird Daily, 68.2.2 and 60.9.1 startup within 2 seconds on my PC if I've run them before (in that windows session). My boot drive is a SSD. I rarely shutdown my PC, I use hibernate instead. This means there is already a copy of Thunderbird in the Windows cache when I log in. You might try something similar.

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Post Posted November 12th, 2019, 10:20 am

Hi - my boot drive is an SSD and my data storage drive is a 1TB SSD. I have no doubt different systems (processor, memory, video cards) will make a different in how this is perceived.

But, running 60 and then running 68 on the same system - at least for me, I definitely see a difference. That to me is "apples to apples" vs. running on two different systems - "apples to bananas."

I did one more observation. I opened the Task Manager, selected the details tab and watched the impact on CPU & memory --- TB will start and makes an impact CPU & memory and then CPU goes to 0 and the memory usage drops to a stable amount. Did that for both versions of TB and the time it takes for that drop to a stable entry is just about double for version 68 compared to 60. Did this twice - once with no addons and once with the same addons --- the "hit" to stable again tracks to just about double for v86.

Another factor - but a again, on the same system is consistent is the time it takes to log in (if checking mail at startup).

I'm definitely satisfied there is a difference between the two versions of Thunderbird - since this only is an issue (at least for me) is the initial opening of TB - since that happens only a few times a day ----- I'm going to take the "wait and see" approach until the next version of TB is released.

Thanks for the followup.

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