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just yesterday I switched from TB ver. 17 to TB ver. 60.8.
Today I remember, why I kept going back to the old Version. ... but maybe someone can help me fix my problems, so I can stick with the TB 60.

1) For Years (must be around 10), I had a special customization in the Lightning Date Edit boxes. It made date entries a lot easier ( ... To activate this, I had to edit the "datetimepickers.xml" inside the "chrome.jar" file of Lightning. Now this seems to be completely packaged in "{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}.xpi". How can I open this package and edit the datetimepickers.xml (I suppose, it's in there somewhere)?

2) When I start composing a new message, the Edit-Boxes for Address and Subject are grayed out even though they are not disabled. I have to click them to turn white. Still the other one (Address or Subject) is grayed out. How can I change the style of the composition window back to the old style (all enabled edit boxes white, preferrably even indented). BTW: this style was also the topic of Bug #1647305 "Address fields are grey when composing messages" and it is still is used in the lightning window for new calendar entries, so it must be in there somewhere.

3) the background of the email list ist completely white. How can I change it to striped? This would make it a lot easier to read the different information through all columns.

I guess 2 and 3 might be part of some theme I could download. I just haven't found it yet - maybe someone can point me to it?
I just don't want to change much in the original design. I think it's mostly wonderfully simple and practical without too much fancy stuff.

Looking forward to your answers.

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Change the xpi extension to zip, open the archive and navigate to {e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}.zip\chrome\calendar\content\calendar\datetimepickers, extract the datetimepickers.xml file, edit in a text editor, then add it back to the archive, change the zip back to xpi. Backup the xpi before you start.

To change the Subject and To backgrounds: viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1184595

For a striped Threads Pane: ... underbird/ ... assic-tb2/

Instead of stripes, you can have lines: viewtopic.php?p=12413885&sid=fbc7372697b6b523ede8af87f29e2002#p12413885

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I believe the Lightning .xpi file is optimized like the omni.ja file so you need to unzip all files, edit the file, then zip all files.

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Wonderful, works like a champ!


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