Deleting folders added under Local Folders (Linux)

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I can right-click "Local Folders" to display option "New Folder..." to add a new folder such as "Archives". Once I've added local folder "Archives", there is no option to delete this folder, as there is for deleting any sub-folders I've created in "Archives". A number of posts suggest Tools > Account Settings to initiate folder deletion. On my version of Thunderbird, there is no "Account Settings" option under "Tools". How do I delete my "Archives" folder under "Local Folders"?

I am running Thunderbird 60.8.0 (64-bit) on Linux Fedora 30. Advice appreciated.
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Just select (click on) the name of that folder in the left hand pane and press the Del key.

On my version of Thunderbird, there is no "Account Settings" option under "Tools".

That's because you're running Linux and not Windows, which is the OS that suggested menu path applies to. ... x,_and_Mac

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