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I am currently using Thunderbird 52.9.1 and all of my Add ons are available in this version; Ineed to know if all of my Add Ons will remain available if I update to Thunderbird Version 60.8.0

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Post a list of your extensions. Many extensions do not work, but some of the most popular do. Unless you are very security conscious, you may prefer to stick with Thunderbird 52 and attempt to harden its security by disabling remote images, for example. See here for some modified extensions: viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3041270
Note that when Thunderbird 68 comes out, pretty soon, even less extensions will work, so if you want to get off the "train" now may a good time to do so.


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I share a profile with 60.8.0 and 68 beta 3. None of my add-ons work with the beta. There is talk in some bug reports about how they hope to have the top 50 add-ons updated to support 68 when its released but its unclear if they will succeed. The Thunderbird developers have committed to updating ImportExportTools to work with 68 (the original author isn't interested in updating it past 60.*).

My impression is that unmodified legacy add-ons will not work with 68 - as a minimum they need to replace the old install.rdf file by a manifest.json file (that might be done automatically for them if the add-on is on but in general they "need to be updated to reflect changes in Thunderbird core, like renamed/replaced API calls, removed support for some XUL elements (need to use HTML elements now) and much more"

If you want to stick with 52.* for a while I suggest you uncheck "view -> display attachments inline" if its checked. Malicious attachments are probably your biggest security risk. Remote images are mainly a privacy risk.

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