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I have a problem in Thunderbird. I recent installed version 52.3.0 because i have some other problems when upgrading to the latest version of Thunderbird.

But it seems that in this version to option to select other spell check languages is not possible. I installed several addons of German dictionaries for my spell check.
It doesn't matter what kind of spelling check addon i install (addon that compatible with all versions or just version 52.3.0). Thunderbird doesn't show the option to select a other languages then my default languages (Dutch)

Is this perhaps a bug or do i need to enable a extra setting to make this option available?

I hoping that somebody give me a answer of solution.


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Did you really install German dictionaries or did you install German language packs ?
Go to Tools > Add-ons > Dictionaries : which dictionaries are installed ?
Dictionaries can be downloaded from this page ... age-tools/

if there is no German dictionary in the add-ons manager maybe you installed the new webextension version of a German dictionary in TB 52.3.0.
Try to install version 2.0.6 of Kairo's German dictionary ... /versions/
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Note that the latest German dictionary, the webext version, requires TB 60 or higher. Version 2.0.6 should work with TB 52. ... /versions/

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