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In the last month I have been getting popstate#.dat files

I am about to get rid of thunderbird I am past wasting time deleting these folders and files


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popstate.dat is used to record what messages have been downloaded for that specific account. My first thought would be that something is interrupting it updating the normal popstate.dat file, so it creates a new one. Sort of like what you can see with nstmpX files if you somehow keep interrupting Thunderbird when its compacting a mail folder. More details might help. For example do you have any nstmp*.* files in that directory? What version of Thunderbird are you using? Does this occur with other POP accounts? What anti-virus/security software are you using? Norton and Mcafee for example are known to frequently cause problems.

I found , and viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2957159 . The last seems most useful.

Have you considered using a IMAP account instead? It has many advantages over a POP account, including not running the risk of a logjam if Thunderbird can't download a "bad" message. If its too foreign to you, you can always use a message filter to automatically move new mail to the inbox in Local Folders and Uncheck "keep messages for this account on this computer" in the IMAP accounts "synchronization & storage" settings. I don't expect Thunderbird to ever drop support for POP accounts but its basically a legacy feature nowadays.

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