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I like to keep TB open when running other programs. Fairly often my taskbar does not autohide and covers up some valuable real estate on the screen because there is some message from TB (something like, failed to connect, need password, update now?). How can I make TB not send such messages?


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I think you're asking how to hide/get rid of any error popup windows. See viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3040478 . Note that workaround is for advanced users only as it requires you to install a userChromeJS extension, create a userChrome.js file in the chrome folder, and modify the Thunderbird shortcut to add a -purgecaches command line argument.

You can configure Thunderbird to automatically update without asking in tools -> options -> advanced -> update. You can ask Thunderbird to remember (and automatically use next time) a password by checking the checkbox to have the password wizard save it, the next time you are prompted for one. If you are using Outlook or Gmail and the saved password gets rejected occasionally you could try using OAuth2 as the authentication method instead. if you have frequent failed to connect messages you might want to try another server from that email provider or investigate what is causing it. I'd start by using ping in a console window (aka dos box) to see if it reports any lost packets when you ping a mail server. ... email.html

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Thank you!!

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