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Dear All,
I have a urgent question.
I realized that when I send an email from my or account utilizing Thunderbird the recipient can read the name (Any field distingush name from Nickname in Google Contacts) I gave to him.
Eg:. my boss address is
In my Google account directory which I synchronized time by time with my Gmail account directory the boss email and telephone are collected under the name of "Dog the Boss"
So when I send him an email he read on the email header "Dog the Boss<>".
When I noticed this issue I supposed it was because the address book was present on Yahoo but now it isn't !
So both I send an email from Yahoo and from Gmail, utilizing Thunderbird 17.0.2 he receives an email with his displayed name "Dog the Boss<>".
Do you know this issue if it is ?
I tried to search some answer in Google but I was not successful.
Furthermore when I send an email from my cell phone utilizing the same address book synchronized from Gmail contacts the displayed name is only "".
I hope you can help me to solve this unknown issue ](*,)


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A From: header usually contains both an email address ( and the display name (Dog the Boss). You can change the display name by editing the appropriate contact in your address book (in Thunderbird). That will be used by all of your accounts in Thunderbird when you create a new message. ... ok-basics/

I suspect your phone uses its own address book,and neither it or Thunderbird's address book is synced with Google Contacts. In Thunderbird's case that would require an add-on such as gContactSync. Check tools -> add-ons if you aren't sure whether you have an add-on like that.

Thunderbird 17.0.2 is ancient. While that doesn't seem to impact this problem I suggest you either upgrade to the latest version or pick a more recent version per ... hunderbird such as 45.8.0 . You could use a custom setup in a different directory, and re-use your existing profile while checking out whether you like the newer version.

I suggest in the future that you use a more descriptive subject (like "wrong email address used when sending") when asking for help. I moved the thread from Thunderbird General to Thunderbird Support as you are asking for help, not discussing a general topic. It will also get more visibility there.

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