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Hi everyone,
In our company we've got ~300 users with Thunderbird, and we distribute contacts to addressbooks with CardDAV server (Baikal) and SOGo Connector plugin. Now I am looking for a way to create and distribute mailing lists in users' addressbooks. I.e., "All users" or "Managers". Does anybody has an idea how this can be achieved? (even with the means other than DAV server?)
Regards, Dmitry.


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You can create an address book in Thunderbird that uses a (remote) LDAP server as an address book. Unfortunately there is no support for editing it from within Thunderbird. In some environments mail admins use the LDAP servers to provide various mailing lists.

The CardBook add-on lets you use a address book that supports the CardDAV and vCard standards. It supports mailing lists. The consensus seems to be that it does a better job of supporting CardDAV than the SoGo connector add-on.

The SyncKolab add-on can "can synchronize your calendar, address book and tasks against an IMAP server". You could use a IMAP public folder to provide a shared address book. It gets specified in a IMAP accounts advanced server settings. That avoids the problem of the user having to store the address book in their own mailbox.

You can export an address book as a .csv file, mail it as an attachment and have a user import it as an address book. The main limitation is that if you do that to distribute a mailing list the same address book has to contain the contacts mentioned in the mailing list. ... ok/?src=ss ... ab/?src=ss

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