Thunderbird errored out and marked all messages as read!

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I am about to loose my mind! Thunderbird just marked all messages across 19 email accounts as unread. I had about 50 emails marked as unread to come back. I run and support over 70 organizations and I was just checking my email and I accidentally deleted a message I wanted to look at. It was a newsletter but I wanted to see it again so I clicked what I always do in these cases CNTR Z. All the sudden the system froze, and then had all messages selected and froze again. I closed Thunderbird and restarted it. When I got back up, the system had zero messages unread. I am putting on a huge festival for over 4000 people in 5 months and I had multiple messages from vendors and volunteers to get back to and so many other important emails marked to go back to. I AM SCREWED!!!!

On top of that, on my laptop, where the error occurred, Thunderbird will not open properly and keeps having script bugs. This is a quad cored i7 on a ssd. There is no reason to have errors on this system.

Another tidbit, when this happened, it also froze my desktops thunderbird. I was hoping that I had these messages cached somewhere on a computer but sadly all of my systems were online at the time.


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Moving this to Thunderbird Support...
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Are these POP or IMAP accounts?

Some more details on the error messages (script bugs) would help. Can you workaround the errors using safe mode (help -> restart with add-ons disabled or hold down Shift key when double clicking on the Thunderbird shortcut to launch it) ?

Do you typically send a reply after reading a message? I'm wondering if you can minimize the damage by looking at the last couple of days of messages and seeing if you sent a reply to the sender.

Are most of the 19 accounts with the same email provider? If its a commercial email provider you might be able to get them to rollback your mailboxes contents to a prior time. However, its a calculated risk as you might lose new incoming mail while they are in the midst of rolling back the mailbox. If you decide to take that risk backup your existing mail beforehand. This probably would only make sense for IMAP accounts.

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