Thunderbird On New iMac, & Transferring Folders ?

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Have just installed Thunderbird and eternal-september to a new iMac desktop, or at least I think I did.

Think it went well, sorta.

Seems to, somehow, have grabbed all the Folders that I created and have on my old W10 pc.
No idea how it did this ?

Thoughts on ? (The icon that appears on the desktop on the imac has a .dmg extension. What is this, please ?)

a. Anyway, it didn't get all of the Folders.
How can I transfer, or copy and install, the ones it missed ?

b. Doing a Time Machine backup on the iMac to an external HD.
Says it wont or cant do Thunderbird as part of.
Any idea why ?

c. Keep thinking that I didn't do all of this iMac Thunderbird/eternal-september install the best way.
How should I do it ?
How do I transfer everything from All the Thunderbird and eternal-september Folders presently on old W10 pc ?

Much thanks,


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Post Posted January 13th, 2018, 12:09 pm

See the Not using Windows section in since you're moving it to OSX. The "quick and dirty solution" it mentions might be easiest in your case.

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