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I have all three enabled. In Spamassassin it says that spam will be delivered to the spam folder. But it's the junk folder that appears in TBird when junk mail is enabled. Should there be a spam folder as well or will all spam go into the junk folder? If an email address is blacklisted in spamassasin will that email address also be automatically blacklisted in spamexperts? Spamexperts up until yesterday had in it's dashboard buttons to blacklist or whilelist specific senders. Those buttons don't exist any more.


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Should there be a spam folder as well or will all spam go into the junk folder?

I can't answer all of your questions as I don't use SpamAssassin or SpamExperts but I can speak to this. The answer is that it depends on how the account is set up in Thunderbird, as POP or IMAP. TB itself doesn't use the term "spam" in any way, instead using the term "Junk" as you mentioned. IMAP servers, on the other hand, have a variety of terms for such messages: spam, bulk, junk, etc, depending on the provider. If you are working with an account set up as IMAP in Thunderbird, and if the Junk Mail Controls are set to store that class of messages on the server side, TB may display and use the folder names as they appear on the server, thus showing as spam even though that is not a Thunderbird term.

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