Cannot see any accounts or folders but in the "find" menu, I

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I am running Thunderbird 38.5.0 on Windows 10.

I use Thunderbird to capture multiple email accounts, and also copy some details to local folders.

Yesterday, everything was working fine.

Today, I was trying to load Thunderbird, but even in safe mode, it doesn't load the folders and accounts. All I see is a pane on the right hand side, which lists one email account - but I can see no folders. I have also tried loading with all add-ons disabled without any improvement. ](*,)

If I use "find", it shows all the accounts and folders, but I can't select any search criteria.

I tried renaming one ".msf" file to see if that would then allow me to view the account, but there was no difference.

In addition to the above, I have found that if I try to "find" and select an account, then if I then press "clear", a selection of options to search for are reveled. If I select a search criteria, and select "open in folder", I can get the mails in the folder displayed on the right hand pane, and see the mail content below, however, even if I do the same with another account, the left hand pane, which normally shows the accounts and folders remains blank. This looks to be a bug - but I would love to have an interim work-around.

I have searched the internet in vain for help. :cry:

Any help would be most appreciated. :D


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