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I install thunderbird and use an email address, now I want to use another email address at thunderbird but don't want again previous email address.

I trying lots of time uninstall and install again for configuring new email address but when I start thunderbird its seems already my privious email address logged in there.

How I can remove completely thunderbird including all thinks like previous emails, email profiles each and everything.

Please, experts, help me out.



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You don't need to uninstall Thunderbird to remove the original account and use a different one.
Use menu path File->New->then either "Existing email account" if you already have a different email address that you wish to access through Thunderbird or "Get new mail account" to create a new email account with one of the provider's available through Thunderbird.
To remove the original email account, use menu path Tools->Account Settings->click on the name of the email original account in the left hand pane of the window then click on the "Account actions" button at the bottom of that left hand pane.


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