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Years ago my mail client was "Eudora" which later got extinct.
But it had one unique feature I am still missing in Thunderbird:

I could edit and change any mail I received before finally saving it.

Is there any Add-On to do the same in Thunderbird ?

(Background Info) - WHY I want it:
In many mails there is just one little snippet of information which is really important.
All the rest you will never need. It just makes it more difficult to find the important part.

An example what I mean:
Imagine, you get a very long mail - e.g. an invitation to some event.
More than one and a half pages of self-praise, how important it is,
how many benefits one can get by booking/visiting it, and so on... bla bla bla...

And then -- hidden somewhere further down in the long text -- I see
the only things that matters to me:
Where and when it happens, and which train or plane I must take.

So it was very helpful for me any time to erase all that unnecessary bla-bla above
making the important stuff better readable, so this info was now at the top of the text
(easy to glimpse without searching).
And I changed it's letters to double size and bold,
so it seemed to "jump out" of all the other text
and I saw it literally "at the first glance".

This way I could print it out and pin at my wall, and it was even readable from afar.
(and I did not have to print all three pages, search for it and cut it out to pin it somewhere)


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Moving to Thunderbird Support.

You may find this extension to be of interest --

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