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Dear all,

Thunderbird on my laptop uses the IMAP Protocol (i.e. e-mails are accessed from the server).

Thunderbird on my desktop uses the POP3 Protocol (i.e. e-mails are downloaded to the computer and deleted from the server).

I would like to convert Thunderbird on my desktop to the IMAP Protocol. Would the correct procedure be the following?

1) Save my desktop's Thunderbird profile folder onto a hard drive.
2) Convert my e-mail accounts from POP3 to IMAP. I will be using these instructions: ... ap-account

Once I have done that, what will happen to my desktop's Thunderbird profile folder? Will it contain both the POP3 emails from before the switch and the IMAP emails from after the switch?

I would be grateful for your guidance.

Many thanks!


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Post Posted October 27th, 2021, 10:34 am

As per the cited instructions, after completing that process your desktop profile will have two "versions" of the same email account, one accessing the account via POP protocol and the other via IMAP protocol. If, also as per the instructions, you copy or move all of the messages from the folders of the POP version of the account to folders of IMAP version of the account, you will have all previously received messages accessible in the IMAP version of the account. At that point, removing the POP account from your Thunderbird profile, including the data, will not result in the loss of any data.

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