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Post Posted September 26th, 2021, 10:09 am

"Does "start Thunderbird" mean creating something in /home/kmorgan/.thunderbird ?"

No. It means run Thunderbird. If you deleted the profiles.ini file used by whatever version of Thunderbird you are using it should detect there is no profile or profiles.ini, create a profiles.ini, create a profile (with no account information), update profiles.ini, and then run the new account wizard.

If it doesn't automatically run the new account wizard that means you deleted the wrong profiles.ini file.

"Also, I don't quite understand an "account wizard." Will it work in a computer that runs CentOS 6? CentOS 6 is run in virtually no computer now days (except me!)."

The new account wizard has been part of Thunderbird for many years. I forget when it was added but if you are using Thunderbird 3.1 or later it should be part of Thunderbird. If its really old there may be issues with it trying to use SSL rather than TLS for secure connections. But you can always tell it to create the account without checking that the password works and manually edit the server settings for the account as needed to workaround any problems. I suspect you're using approx. version 17. ... figuration describes the current new account wizard (which has had several generations of changes) but should give you a rough idea of what it is.

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