How to change the "Add to Dictionary" shortcut?

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Most of us are right handed. But the Add to Dictionary link is on the "o" of the "to" of Add To Dictionary when you right click on a word that Thunderbird thinks is misspelled. And you can't hit that letter "o" with your left hand. You have to take your right hand off the mouse to do it. This wastes time.

I was wondering if there's a way of changing that so I can set it to work with a letter easily reachable from my left hand.

Keyboard shortcuts (for those with a reasonable command over the keyboard) are always far faster than using a mouse. By the time the mouse user has brought the pointer to the object to be clicked I've already done the keyboard shortcut and am doing something else. They then have to click it, then return to the keyboard. When I watch people who use the mouse for everything I can't believe how long things take to get done; such an incredibly ponderous way to navigate. And almost all the time its because they never bothered to learn how to type properly. Want to improve your keyboard proficiency? Put a box over your keyboard so you can't see it. It will force the mind to master that thing in no time because of necessity.


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