Facebook screens moving when typing comments.

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Post Posted October 13th, 2021, 3:29 pm

Starting as of today, the FACEBOOK screen suddenly moves when I am typing a comment. Whenever I hit SHIFT+alpha_letter at the beginning of a line OR simply hit the backspace key, the screen suddenly shifts about a page upward toward the top. This shifts the entry area where I'm typing off the screen. Just hitting the backspace to correct a typo causes the screen to scroll on its own. I have to scroll back down to the entry box and if I make another typo, it happens again. It is maddening!

I've restarted in troubleshoot mode and the same thing happens, so it is not an add-on. This is happening on both my Firefox Linux systems AND on a Windows 10 machine, so I don't think it is specifically OS related either. The screen however does stay put, like it is supposed to, using Chrome or Opera.

First, Is anyone else seeing this same behavior, so I know it is not just me?
Second, any thoughts on what the problem is?


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Post Posted October 14th, 2021, 12:09 am

Strange. It is possible to set Backspace to Page Up when the cursor is not in a form field. In about:config, that would be

browser.backspace_action => 1

To disable the key as a navigation key, set the preference to 2 (its default value in recent versions of Firefox).

However, a shifted letter doesn't make sense as a scroll trigger.

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Post Posted October 14th, 2021, 8:04 am

So the phenomena started on three separate computers and two OS's, all at the same time; around noon yesterday (U.S. Central). It ONLY affected Facebook. Every other site worked as it should. NO keyboard or settings were changed. I would know, I'm the only one with access. Then, last night around 11:00pm all three computers, all at the same time, suddenly started to behave normally again.

So I'm going with Facebook had some script screwed up, and they fixed it.

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