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I sometimes want to save webpages to have the text available for future use. I only want them as text files. Some time ago this was no problem, I hit Ctrl+S and chose the "save as text" option. And the next time I save a page it would be saved as text by default. But now there is always added a webpage extension: ".htm" at the end, regardless of what I do. When I hit Ctrl+S, the text file format is automatically chosen at the bottom, but Firefox still add ".htm" at the end. Only way to change it is to remove it manually every time, by deleting ".htm". Then I can click "save", and it will be saved as a text file. Suggestions for solutions or a link to threads that has discussed this is welcome! Picture here:


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Does the same thing happen if you run Firefox in Mozilla Troubleshooting mode? ... shoot-mode

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Thanks for answering. Yes, same thing happened. First I tried to save one time, deleting the ".htm" that of course was there, and save. Then I tried again, but the ".htm" still showed up.

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I think the issue has been around for a while.

Saving as text causes file names to be in htm extension

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