0.07*0.03 = 0.0021000000000000003

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Hello Firefox dev team.

This bug is very old and i have noticed this with javascript development but i was young and believed that i did something wrong. Now in my invoice calculator i did amount * price. 0.07 * 0.03 and it returned 0.0021000000000000003

i have seen this behavior before and always rounded it, but since i am older i realize this is just a very old bug that no-one ever tended to fix.
if you go and use your calculator, the correct answer is of course: 0.0021.

The weird part is, Chrome/Edge and Internet explorer all return the same (wrong) answer.


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This is caused by the difference of how fixed point numbers and floating point numbers are stored and 7 is a problem: 0.0007*1e2 -> 0.06999999999999999, so you may need to round numbers.

If you want to work accurately with fragmented numbers then use integers and shift the decimal point by multiplying with 100 or 1000.

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