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OK so I have been running into some memory issue with Firefox

FF version 75.0
Windows 7 x64 SP1

I have been tracking the memory usage of Firefox becuase it seems that it keep on consuming more and more memory. I am not entirely sure why it is doing this. After being open for about 8-10 hours the memory use will jump from 1.5 gig to over 5 gig without changing a single thing. all the same tabs are open and no work is even being performed on the computer for those 8-10 hours. The only thing that seems to free up the memory use is when I restart Firefox. The issue with it consuming memory like that is it never gets released back to the OS even when the OS has run low on physical memory and starts to use the pagefile. This is not good and it slow down a machine something horrible.

It would be nice to be able to attach images but it looks like that is not allowed. So I am going to key out what i have going on.

if I open "about:performance" it lists the memory consumption per open tab. Here is the consumption per tab.
I have a total of 2 browser windows open. There are 4 processes running for some reason. Not sure why there are 4 processes for 2 open browser windows.


uBlock Origin


OpenH264 Video Codec
Widevine Content Decryption Module

The 4 processes are consuming a total of 4278.08 mb of memory. This seems kind of high since the about:performance is reporting that 259.07mb of memory is being used for the couple of tabs I have open. This simply does name make any sense to me. Can someone explain why there is so much ram that is being consumed by Firefox. When I run a GC only about 100 mb or so gets released back to the OS. If I terminate the processes when Firefox reloads the same exact pages load I click on each tab to ensure they are loaded and once done with that Firefox's ram usage is just over 1gb. I would love to have a solution for this issue as well as the one for the memory use going up when nothing is actually changing.

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